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15 Feb 2016. In Shakespeare's play 'As You Like It,' the character Rosalind is an example of ingenuity, good humor, and patience. She also proves to be a.

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31 Aug 2015. Shakespeare's As You Like It is no doubt a successful pastoral model, just as Cirillo (1971) mentioned in an article entitled “As You Like It:.

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Plot summary of and introduction to William Shakespeare's play As You Like It, with links to online texts, digital images, and other resources.

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The two feature films of As You Like It (Paul Czinner's in 1936 with Elisabeth. two subtle and sensitive articles by Patricia Lennox and Amelia Mariette.6 Lennox.

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20 Mar 2018. As You Like It by William Shakespeare is an important play to be shown at. and inspire scholar artists around the globe for centuries to come.

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Information on the Play. Synopsis · Characters. Scholarly Articles on the Play. Touching Elements of Reality · A "Joyous Comedy" · A Heightening of Pastoral.

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Celebration of Love and Romance in 'As You like It '. Abstract. 'As you like it 'is romantic both in subject matter and style. Refereed (Peer Reviewed) Journal.

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