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Study the subject of Liberal Arts and learn how to think critically, communicate effectively and understand complex problems.

In March 2018 the university proposed cutting 13 majors, primarily in the liberal arts, while adding 16 vocational programs. The plan was announced in the face of declining enrollment and a.

Harvey Frommer, who taught MALS 191: Oral History for over 25 years alongside his wife, Myrna Katz Frommer, and advised countless graduate students on.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is reversing a controversial downsizing plan announced in November that would have eliminated 13 majors and squeezed its humanities offerings. Instead, it.

“Overall what I see Bethel doing that I don’t see anywhere else is that when we talk about being a Christian liberal arts university, we take all of those components seriously,” he explains. “We’re.

The College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (CLASS) is a dynamic academic environment dedicated to the study of human creativity and society, as well as our mental and physical capabilities and conditions.

In Villanova University's graduate programs in Liberal Studies, students work with faculty mentors to develop an individualized curriculum. Learn more!

private liberal arts colleges in Maryland are adapting quickly. They have adjusted course offerings, lowered their tuition, added graduate classes that lead to employment and developed other.

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UNC Asheville’s Master of Liberal Arts and Sciences Program (MLAS) is a broadly interdisciplinary program designed for a wide spectrum of adults, and provides a challenging, structured liberal arts curriculum at the graduate level.

Though studies show that employers seek the skills honed by the liberal arts, their value continues to be questioned, from the White House to parents to colleges themselves. As students across the.

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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) is designed for writers, scholars, educators, visual and performing artists, activists, advocates, and lifelong learners who, in collaboration with their academic advisor, want to design their own graduate.

Stanford University's MLA Program offers students the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary course of study in the liberal arts. Designed with busy adults in.

Welcome to the Texas A&M University College of Liberal Arts. Like similar colleges around the country, the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University serves a critical educational purpose in producing well-rounded undergraduate and graduate students prepared to lead productive lives that are fulfilling both professionally and personally and that contribute to the betterment of society.

The liberal studies master degree from Washburn University's College of Arts & Sciences allows you to customize your own master degree plan. Earn your.

Whether you’re a working professional, a returning student, or a recent graduate, the Master’s in Liberal Studies (MALS) combines the challenge of graduate work with the freedom to explore new fields of knowledge. Established in 1961, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) is devoted primarily to doctoral studies and awards most of CUNY’s doctoral degrees.

UWM, a doctoral/research intensive university, is Wisconsin’s premier public urban university and offers a comprehensive liberal arts and professional education at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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Graduate. An advanced degree can mean an advanced career. Move your life forward with a masters in liberal arts degree from Temple University's College of.

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program reaches deeply into the larger questions inherent in society, literature, security issues, and religion. It’s holistic, inter-connective, and inspiring. You are among elite peers with open engagement.

The Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) degree program at the University of Chicago leverages our storied tradition in the liberal arts with an interdisciplinary approach designed for working professionals. Students complete nine graduate courses in the humanities, social sciences and sciences, and work individually with UChicago faculty on the MLA thesis. Faculty from the graduate Divisions of the Humanities,

He’s had similar conversations with the University of Connecticut and other schools in the state. Every school has a “key superpower," from liberal arts to nursing to design, he says — Infosys can.

Program Details: The 100% online Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) degree program at the University of Denver’s University College (for Professional and Continuing Studies) is a thorough program focusing on the Arts and Culture. Twelve courses–making up a total of 48 credit hours– round out the degree and are offered in ten-week.

The Master of Environmental Studies (MES) program at the University of Pennsylvania helps you translate your passion for the environment into a fulfilling.

The College of Liberal Arts is committed to ensuring a collaborative and safe environment for all of our employees, students, and the greater University community. Learn more. Video. Beyond the Battlefield: The War Rages On, but This Time it’s Personal. Read more. Publication.

The Graduate Program in Liberal Studies, established in 1994, is a cross-disciplinary, 30 credit program leading to a Masters of Arts Degree and offering a broad range of courses in literature, history, philosophy, religion, social sciences, and the arts.

Since its inception in 2005, the Rice Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) program has. Ask your questions and hear from Master of Liberal Studies alumni, program.

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is a graduate degree that aims to provide both depth and breadth of study in the liberal arts. It is by nature an.

Interdisciplinary. The Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) degree program at the University of Chicago leverages our storied tradition in the liberal arts with an.

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Kent State University is one of six institutions in Ohio to offer the Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degree, but the only one that allows a student to take courses.

(File photo: Lindsey Wasson/Reuters) The University’s Scylla and Charybdis The great culture wars on the campuses of the 1980s were largely lost by traditionalists. And the question then became not if.

Master of Liberal Arts Program Mission The mission of the Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) is to provide a broad and balanced spectrum of graduate courses that are interdisciplinary in nature and focused on the moral, aesthetic and intellectual values of the liberal arts.

Earn a Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies degree in one of over 20 fields to gain critical insights and practical skills for success in your career or scholarly pursuits. How Our Graduate Programs Work. Admissions: Earn Your Way In. Getting started on a degree is simple. You complete 2 or 3 degree courses to qualify for admission.

Established in 1962, the Johns Hopkins Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) Program has gained national recognition for the quality of its teaching and the breadth of its.

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For a flexible interdisciplinary graduate program consider these convenient online master's in liberal studies degree programs rated by affordability.

Liberal arts training in psychology is offered a most university institutions at the PhD level. Psychologists may also be employed as faculty or professional researchers engaged in studying behavioral patterns, through testing, procedures and analysis of scientific outcomes toward development of evidence based practice models of treatment.

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To earn the Master of Liberal Studies degree you will need to successfully complete thirty-six (36) credit hours of approved graduate study, or 12 courses, within six years after beginning the program.

The Graduate Program in Liberal Studies, established in 1994, is a cross-disciplinary, 30 credit program leading to a Masters of Arts Degree and offering a broad range of courses in literature, history, philosophy, religion, social sciences, and the arts.

Master of Liberal Arts Degree. Employers want to hire liberal arts graduates because they tend to be innovative and independent thinkers with strong communication and reasoning skills. As a graduate student in the liberal arts, you’ll build a valuable base of knowledge and experience to enhance your professional career and personal life.

Many new graduates will hear this question in the coming weeks. For a business or computer science graduate, the answers seem obvious. What about someone studying a liberal arts field, like English or.

Each innovatively approaches its respective field, with a shared concentration on social justice, interdisciplinary investigation, and the role of liberal arts in today’s society. The master in media.

Welcome. UNCW’s Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) two programs, the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) degree and the post-Master’s certificate in liberal studies, provide a highly integrated exploration of the liberal arts, which not only adheres to the traditional values of broad liberal arts education, but is specifically designed for highly motivated learners who wish to deepen their.

That brings us to the post below, written by Donald Lazere, professor emeritus of English at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, who asks and answers the following question: If.

Trustees for the University of Dallas have selected a new president who will be the first alum to to lead the school. Thomas S. Hibbs, who earned both his bachelor’s and master’s at the Catholic.

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue University’s College of Liberal Arts will recognize five distinguished alumni at its 2019 Alumni Awards Banquet on Friday (March 22). Included among this year’s honorees.

Master of Liberal Arts. The MLA degree program at Tulane, which began in 1983, exposes students to a wide range of reflection on human experience, over different epochs and from multiple perspectives. Course offerings include academic disciplines such as history, literature, philosophy, political science, and.

private liberal arts colleges in Maryland are adapting quickly. They have adjusted course offerings, lowered tuition, added graduate classes that lead to employment and developed other strategies to.

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The Master of Liberal Arts program at TCU has something for everyone. Whether you're interested in expanding your career opportunities, broadening your.

Master your future with our Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) or Master of Philosophy in Liberal Arts (MPhil) graduate degree programs, hone your prose.

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‘Liberal arts’ is one such subject – it goes back to the Ancient Greeks who considered a liberal arts education to be the ultimate mark of an educated person. Interestingly, while liberal arts education has long had an established place in the US higher education system, it has only recently resurfaced in continental Europe, where it.

11 Jun 2019. We've ranked the top online masters in liberal arts programs. Compare schools by cost and convenience. Earn your masters in liberal arts.

24 Oct 2018. We answer your question about earning a Master's in Liberal Arts degree – career outlook, admissions, cost, and program information.