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In March, we released curricular recommendations designed to repair our budget and stabilize enrollment. The proposal, Point Forward, called for the elimination of numerous majors in the traditional.

Working towards a baccalaureate degree in the Liberal Arts or Sciences involves taking courses in what are traditionally referred to as the "Liberal" Arts. This means that your courses will be in general areas of study–philosophy, mathematics,

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“As a liberal arts student in one of the biggest majors in my college. as no one will give me a straight answer as to why we don’t have fall graduations, or where this decision came.

Liberal arts as a valuable major. Here are 10 ways to market yourself to employers as a liberal-arts graduate — on the strength of the degree alone.

When professors understand why employers hire certain students. dispels the myth that all history – and other liberal arts – majors are destined to become professors.

There is a lot of talk about how STEM-related degrees are where the money is, but don't underestimate the value of a liberal arts degree. At the undergraduate level it provides a well-rounded, solid education that can be transferred to a wide.

The recent Hartford Courant article “For black women and girls, empowerment key to breaking into technology” included several important observations about why. majors in the liberal arts.

I’ve written (here and here)Â about why liberal arts are important, even to STEM majors and those pursuing careers in STEM. Education Dive notes that the report discusses how federal and state.

arguing that “a liberal arts degree is more of an asset than learning any trade.” Why? Because such graduates are trained in communicating—in storytelling. Quality storytelling could be the.

Recent studies have shown that a liberal arts major provides a strong foundation for professional careers and scholarly work. You'll develop the qualities that future employers prize most: strong communication skills, the ability to assess a.

The major that. (45.4 percent). Why do we care if these grads get placed in jobs that require degrees? Part of the reason people go to college is to get better jobs. It’s by no means the only.

The liberal arts and sciences have been the foundation of college education for centuries, and are more important and. The University of Iowa offers something special: A rich liberal arts experience at the heart of a major research university.

Aspects of recent debates about the value of a liberal arts education. "What can you do with a degree in philosophy? English?" — and so forth. The implication is that the desire possessed.

According to their stats, the enrollment of English majors alone. So, why do we need prose, poetry, and good storytelling, which are all the hallmarks of a liberal arts education?

Read: Why fewer students are going to college “Even if liberal arts majors make less than an engineering graduate, they’re still probably pulling way more than a lot of certificate graduates.

A major in Liberal Studies is a powerful academic foundation that provides you with the opportunity to develop skills employers value in employees. These include: oral and written communication, interpersonal, teamwork, technical, analytical,

Liberal arts degree jobs are more available in a diverse range of fields than ever before. Which are the highest paying? We've listed the top ten.

The degree demonstrated trainability and the. by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute — he explains why liberal-arts college are so valuable and why many are in trouble.

Students with a liberal arts degree offer distinct advantages, and employers should not overlook them. Technical and engineering skills may fit only the short term The technical and engineering skills.

7 Jan 2020. Looking to get your bachelor's degree in liberal arts online? We've ranked 25 schools to help you get a quality education and minimize your debt.

The Liberal Arts major at Colorado Christian University is ideal for those who would like to teach, or for anyone seeking to be trained in a variety of subject matters. A Liberal Arts degree also prepares you for further study in graduate school.

Learn about the Classical Liberal Arts major at Patrick Henry College.

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Pursuing a liberal arts degree at IUPUI gives you a unique advantage — the advantage of choosing a degree option designed to fit you. Our Liberal Arts Advantage Degree Options Program gives you the freedom to map your educational.

31 Aug 2017. Majoring in the liberal arts in college can be a fine choice for millions of undergraduates at four-year colleges and universities, but community college students should think twice before declaring a major in English or general.

Our Liberal Studies program is a perfect option for adult students who want a more flexible approach to the way they earn their degree. You can customize your schedule so you take courses in person and online. You may also earn credit.

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20 May 2014. A new study by my company and Beyond.com called "The Multi-Generational Job Search," found that only 2% of employers are actively recruiting liberal arts degree holders. Compare that to the 27% that are recruiting.

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A bachelor of arts degree in liberal arts can provide excellent preparation for life beyond Niagara University, whether immediate employment or further study in graduate school. According to a 2013 study by Hart Research Associates, 80% of.

The curriculum is heavy on theory and craft, with practical classes like Comedy Writing for Television, Great Screenwriters: Wilder, Allen, Kaufman and Comedy Writing for Late Night, balanced out by.

BSC must ensure that expanded technical degree offerings do not crowd. There are also fundamental, societal reasons why BSC must retain quality liberal arts programs. At its best, a college.

Oh, you're a music major? That's cute. It's no mystery that a liberal arts education suffers from a very distinct kind of image problem. Seeing the intense look of dread wash over my relatives' faces every time I tell them I'm majoring in Music.

Ochsner had previously spoken with Patton, a former Plan II student who graduated with a business degree, and said Patton believes his liberal arts education. and that’s why he wants to.

talks about why a liberal arts degree is vital to the workforce and how statistics tell us liberal arts majors are better off in the long run.

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10 May 2019. English and history majors typically don't earn as much as their classmates focusing on business or science, but their earning potential develops over the course of their careers.

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These are the very skills, regardless of undergraduate major, gained from a liberal arts education. It is more difficult to. to change and to grow. This is why institutions of higher education like.

Without the liberal arts, we forget why we do what we do as a society and thus are unable to ask questions in regard to our roles and future directions. Majors in the professions allow students to.

Both groups cited the benefits of the accumulation of knowledge, the development of critical and analytical skills, and the ability to focus on a goal—in this case, earning a degree—as being.

Social science research can explain why many of these conflicts arise, says Jill Suitor, a distinguished professor of sociology in the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue University. Suitor is.